Measure Your PD

Pupilary Distance (PD)   

The goal of an eyeglass frame is to comfortably position the optical center of each lens directly in front of the center of your eye. When you provide us with your pupillary distance, or PD, we know exactly where to position the center of the lenses in your new frames. Side to side movement of the frame on your face could move the optical center of the lenses away from this position, but this type of movement is rare. More often, your glasses may move up or down your nose, taking the optical center with them. When this happens, it may become harder for you to see through the lenses, so you must adjust the glasses (push them up on your nose, for example). Small adjustments to the nosepads or temples can help to reduce this movement.

To get the optical center of the lenses directly in front of your eyes, stand in front of a mirror and look straight ahead, with your head in a level position. Put on your glasses and position the center of the lenses directly in front of your eyes. Be sure to look straight ahead when you do this. This shows you the place on your nose where your frames should sit. Adjust your nosepads and/or the temples of your eyeglasses as necessary so that they will naturally come to rest in that spot.

PD stands for Pupil Distance, which is the distance measured in millimeters between your pupils. PD measurements are required to order eyeglass prescriptions accurately.

Measurements taken in person by a trained optical technician are always best; however, thanks to the latest advances in technology, you can still be assured of proper sizing even if you’re unable to come into the store. You can be confident that we are collecting accurate information which is triple checked by a certified technician.

If you are able to provide us with the PD measurement that was taken at your prescribing eye doctor, please add it to the PD field provided on the order form. If you have your monocular measurement (meaning that each eye was measured individually) please add it to the Extra Information field on the order form. If not, please email us at, and we will use our advanced computer technology to acquire the measurements needed to fulfill your glasses order.